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Graduate Student Advisory Board

The Division of Engineering and Applied Science (EAS) recognizes the value and importance of centering students' perspectives in the development, implementation, and assessment of programs intended to enhance the quality of life for all students. As such, an inaugural graduate student advisory board has been formalized to work in close collaboration with the Director of EAS Programs for Student Success (DPSS). The purpose of this EAS Graduate Student Advisory Board (GSAB) is to provide insights and feedback in order to achieve a continuing understanding of students' perspectives and program quality.

Role of GSAB Representatives:

In alignment with our mission, GSAB representatives will collaborate closely with the DPSS, engaging in outreach and programmatic efforts that encompass a holistic approach to student services. By contributing insights, recommendations, and feedback, we aid in crafting innovative programs and serve as a dynamic link between the division's initiatives and the diverse student body, ensuring a fluid exchange of ideas and information across all levels of the academic spectrum.

Affiliation with EAS and DPSS:

The GSAB operates under the auspices of the EAS Division, in close collaboration with the DPSS. This partnership underscores our commitment to fostering an academic environment where student perspectives are not only heard but are integral to the decision-making process, ensuring a thriving, inclusive, and forward-thinking educational journey for all students at Caltech.

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