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Richard Bruce Chapman Memorial Award

The Richard B. Chapman Memorial Award is given to an EAS graduate student in hydrodynamics who has distinguished himself or herself in research.


Nathaniel Wei
Advisor: John Dabiri


Benedikt Barthel
Thesis: On the Variational Principles of Linear and Nonlinear Resolvent Analysis
Advisor: Beverley McKeon


Simon Toedtli
Thesis: Control of Wall-Bounded Turbulence Through Closed-Loop Wall Transpiration
Advisor: Beverley McKeon


Chengzhe Zhou
Thesis: Collection of Solved Nonlinear Problems for Remote Shaping and Patterning of Liquid Structures on Flat and Curved Substrates by Electric and Thermal Fields
Advisor: Sandra Troian


David Huynh
Thesis: Spatio-Temporal Response of a Compliant-Wall, Turbulent Boundary Layer System to Dynamic Roughness Forcing
Advisor: Beverley J. McKeon

Xiaozhou Ruan
Thesis: Oceanic Bottom Boundary Layers and Abyssal Overturning Circulation
Advisor: Andrew Thompson

Luis Phillipe Tosi
Thesis: Fluid-Structure Instability in an Internal Flow Energy Harvester
Advisor: Tim Colonius


Morgane Anne Marie Grivel
Thesis: On the Effect of Large-Scale Patterned Wettability on Contact Line Hydrodynamics
Advisor: Morteza Gharib

Kazuki Maeda
Thesis: Simulation, Experiments, and Modeling of Cloud Cavitation with Application to Burst Wave Lithotripsy
Advisor: Tim Colonius

Jason Schlup
Thesis: Numerical Investigations of Transport and Chemistry Modeling for Lean Premixed Hydrogen Combustion
Advisor: Guillaume Blanquart


Chris Roh
Thesis: Hydrodynamics of Insects. Part 1. Jetting of the Dragonfly Larvae. Part 2. Honeybee at the Air-water Interface: Surfing with the Capillary Wave
Advisor: Morteza Gharib


Jomela Meng
Thesis: Numerical Simulations of Droplet Aerobreakup
Advisor: Tim Colonius

Simon Lapointe
Thesis: Simulation of Premixed Hydrocarbon Flames at High Turbulence Intensities
Advisor: Guillaume Blanquart


Vedran Coralic
Thesis: Simulation of Shock-Induced Bubble Collapse with Application to Vascular Injury in Shockwave Lithotripsy
Advisor: Tim Colonius


Ian Jacobi
Thesis: Structure of the Turbulent Boundary Layer under Static and Dynamic Impulsive Roughness Perturbation
Advisor: Beverley McKeon


Philipp Boettcher
Thesis: Thermal Ignition
Advisor: Joseph Shepherd


Yue Yang
Thesis: Lagrangian and Vortex-Surface Fields in Turbulence
Advisor: Dale Pullin


Kristjan Gudmundsson
Thesis: Instability Wave Models of Turbulent Jets from Round and Serrated Nozzles
Advisor: Tim Colonius


Daniel Chung
Thesis: Numerical Simulation and Subgrid-scale Modeling of Mixing and Wall-bounded Turbulent Flows
Advisor: Dale Pullin


Kunihiko Taira
Thesis: The Immersed Boundary Projection Method and its Application to Simulation and Control of Flows Around Low-aspect-ratio Wings
Advisor: Tim Colonius