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Our Community

Caltech is a relatively small, intense university organized into six academic divisions. The Division of Engineering and Applied Science is among the largest, with well over half of the undergraduates, a third of the graduate students, and one-quarter of the faculty. EAS is organized into seven departments – each with dedicated option managers, the main point of contact for students beyond their advisor. Joining the faculty and students are postdocs, visitors of all stripes, staff, and volunteers – each of us contributing in myriad ways toward creating and sustaining a community where each is person is valued and can find the resources they need to thrive.

Our community is supported by an interconnected framework of educational, research, and social activities – and here our small size means that we can make new connections easily. On the research side, interdisciplinary projects are the norm, so students will meet colleagues from other groups quite easily. Every EAS department hosts teas, seminars, and seasonal events – don't miss these! Social activities are also sponsored by many campus groups, including the Caltech undergraduate houses, campus clubs, the Caltech Postdoctoral Association, the Center for Inclusion and Diversity, the Caltech Y, Caltech Athletics, Theatre Arts at Caltech (TACIT), just to name a few. We also have fantastic partners including the Student Wellness Services group and the Staff and Faculty Consultation Center.

There are also groups that come together on a project basis outside the classroom – for instance, the undergraduate LATTICE team which competed in NASA's Big Idea Challenge.

We (re)create our community every day – it is evolving and vibrant – join us!


The Spirit of EAS

The spirit of EAS