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Northrop Grumman Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The Northrop Grumman Prize for Excellence in Teaching is awarded to an EAS professor or lecturer who demonstrates, in the broadest sense, unusual ability, creativity, and innovation in undergraduate and graduate classroom or laboratory teaching.


Adam Wierman
Recognized for his extraordinary teaching quality, innovative course design, and his commitment and service to the undergraduate educational experience.
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Adam Blank
Recognized for constant innovation and excellence as an instructor and mentor, especially during the transition to online teaching, and for their passion for teaching computer science.
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Michael Mello
Recognized as one of the most outstanding and gifted instructors.
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Konstantin Zuev
Recognized for his major contributions in teaching and desiging new courses, along with his rapport with the students and the passionate love they show for his teaching and his classes. Learn more


Beverley J. McKeon
Recognized for a commitment to introducing a wide range of students to experimental methods (through Ae104 and Ae251), and for a dynamic and colorful approach that makes difficult subjects easy to comprehend. Learn more


Christopher Umans
Recognized for excellence in teaching a popular introductory theory course (CS21), and for a crisp and entertaining lecture style that brings everyone along through challenging, mathematical material. Learn more


P.P. Vaidyanathan
Recognized for a career-long dedication to superb teaching of the signals and systems courses (EE111 and EE112), and for lecturing with clarity, humor and great effectiveness. Learn more