Michael Mello

Michael Mello

Teaching Professor of Mechanical and Civil Engineering

Degrees and Appointments

B.S., Bridgewater State College, 1985; M.S., University of Rochester, 1988; Ph.D., Caltech, 2012. Lecturer in Mechanical and Civil Engineering, 2014-2020; Teaching Professor of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, 2020-.


Research Group Matters
Jennifer Campbell

Research Overview

Dr. Mello (Ph.D., Caltech, 2012) is a Teaching Professor with prior industry experience as a Senior Electronic Packaging Engineer and Mechanical Laboratory Manager at Intel Corporation (1997 - 2006). He teaches a broad range of undergraduate courses in Mechanical and Civil Engineering on subject areas which include Rigid Body Statics, Hydrostatics, Mechanics of Materials, Dynamics, CFD / FEA Modeling, Experimental Solid & Fluid Mechanics, and Engineering Design and Fabrication. His research focuses on pressure-shear plate impact (PSPI) experiments and the development of interferometric measurement techniques with Prof. G. Ravichandran’s research group; and Laboratory Earthquake investigations with Prof. Ares J. Rosakis. He is also an Associate Technical Editor for Experimental Mechanics, an international journal integrating experimental methods with the mechanical behavior of materials and structures.

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