William A. Goddard, III

William A. Goddard, III

Charles and Mary Ferkel Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science, and Applied Physics

Degrees and Appointments

B.S., University of California (Los Angeles), 1960; Ph.D., Caltech, 1965. Noyes Research Fellow in Chemistry, 1964-66; Noyes Research Instructor, 1966-67; Assistant Professor of Theoretical Chemistry, 1967-71; Associate Professor, 1971-74; Professor, 1974-78; Professor of Chemistry and Applied Physics, 1978-84; Ferkel Professor of Chemistry, 1984-2001; Ferkel Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science, and Applied Physics, 2001-.

Research Overview

Goddard has been a pioneer in developing methods for quantum mechanics (QM), force fields (FF), reactive dynamics (ReaxFF RD), electron dynamics (eFF), molecular dynamics (MD), and Monte Carlo (MC) predictions on chemical, catalytic, and biochemical materials systems.

List of Research Areas

new methodology for quantum mechanics of materials

Reactive force fields for multiscale reactive simulations


fuel cells


Photoelectrocatalysis and electroctalysis


bulk amorphous metal alloys

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