Alireza Marandi

Alireza Marandi

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics

Degrees and Appointments

B.S., University of Tehran, 2006; M.S., University of Victoria, 2008; Ph.D., Stanford University, 2013. Visiting Associate, Caltech, 2017-18; Assistant Professor, 2018-.


Research Group Matters
Liliana Chavarria
162B Moore Laboratory

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Research Overview

Professor Marandi’s research is focused on fundamental technological developments in Nonlinear Photonics through exploring the frontiers of ultrafast optics, optical frequency combs, quantum optics, optical information processing, mid-infrared photonics, and laser spectroscopy. His team works on realization of novel nonlinear photonic devices and systems for applications ranging from sensing to unconventional computing and information processing, as well as advancing the theoretical understanding of them.

List of Research Areas

Photonics, Nonlinear Optics, Quantum Optics, Optical Frequency Combs, Spectroscopy

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