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Kaushik Tota
  • Undergraduate Student, Computer Science and Environmental Science

Kaushik Tota

Hey there! My name’s Kaushik, and I’m a third-year undergraduate studying computer science, business, and environmental science and engineering. I’ve spent the past few years working on projects lying at the intersection of sustainability and computer science. This summer, I’m returning to industry as a software engineering intern at Crusoe, a San Francisco and Denver-based unicorn building a high-performance, climate-aligned platform for cloud computing. Throughout my time at Caltech, I’ve also served as Vice President and board member of the nonprofit Silicon Valley Youth Climate Action, a youth-led network of over 100 students engaging in environmental policy advocacy, climate literacy campaigns, and climate career education. In the future, I hope to continue utilizing innovative technology and environmental policy to help solve the planet's most pressing sustainability challenges. I love spending my free time learning about new consumer technology (especially electric vehicles), watching Jeopardy! (if a Jeopardy! casting manager is reading this, let me on the College Championship, please), and exploring LA’s vibrant food scene!

Bilgehan Baspinar
  • Graduate Student, Applied Physics and Materials Science

Bilgehan Baspinar

I am a fourth-year Applied Physics graduate student in Professor Andrei Faraon’s group. My research focuses on optical dielectric metasurfaces made of nano-structures smaller than the wavelength of light. These metasurfaces, with funky patterns, can mimic any traditional optical element despite being super lightweight and thin, and can achieve even more. I got involved in many different projects, yet one of the projects that got me the most excited was a collaboration with NASA-JPL, as I dreamed about working at NASA as a kid! I ended up realizing that my childhood heroes were regular people who could even get lazy sometimes, though — but that’s a story for another time. It was fantastic to see that we can correct the phase aberrations in a coronagraph with our metasurfaces. How exciting is it — even the possibility of contributing to the discovery of a new exoplanet? I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such cool people by coming to Caltech. Outside the lab, I am into traveling, photography, tennis, reading, and singing. Hit me up if you want to jam or do optics together!

Smruthi Karthikeyan
  • Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering

Smruthi Karthikeyan

Dr. Karthikeyan's research interests lie at the interface of microbial ecology, computational biology and engineering. She builds predictive models that integrate physicochemical and transport data with multi-omic (DNA, RNA and metabolome-level) data to make accurate predictions of microbial community responses to environmental perturbations.

H. Jane Bae
  • Assistant Professor of Aerospace

Jane Bae

Professor Bae's research focuses on the physical understanding and modeling of structures associated with near-wall turbulence. Her main research goal is to develop high-fidelity models that reduce the computational cost to simulate high-Reynolds-number turbulent flows. These models will allow simulations to be utilized in the design cycle of wind farms and aircrafts and in predictions of atmospheric flows, reducing the overall time and effort associated with these processes.

Eric V. Mazumdar
  • Assistant Professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences and Economics

Eric Mazumdar

Eric Mazumdar's research lies at the intersection of machine learning and economics. He is broadly interested in developing the tools and understanding necessary to confidently deploy machine learning algorithms into societal-scale systems.

Franca Hoffmann
  • Assistant Professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Franca Hoffmann

Franca Hoffmann's research is focused on the interface between applied mathematics and data analysis, driven by the need to provide rigorous mathematical foundations for modeling tools used in applications.