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EE Defense, Ryoto Sekine

Thursday, June 27, 2024
1:00pm to 2:00pm
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Moore B270
Lithium Niobate Nanophotonic Circuits for Information Processing
Ryoto Sekine, EE PhD Grad Student, Electrical Engineering, California Institute of Technology,

In today's world, electronic information processors are ubiquitous. This dissertation explores an alternative paradigm of processing information using nanophotonics. We develop and investigate nanophotonic lithium niobate circuits leveraging strong 𝜒(2) nonlinearity for information processing. We demonstrate promising performance of nanophotonic circuits as building blocks of unconventional computing architectures that exploit the rich classical and quantum dynamics inherent to optics. Additionally, we introduce a new class of ultrafast nanophotonic sources, enabling novel opportunities for information processing. Ultimately, this dissertation puts forth the building blocks of next generation ultrafast photonic information processors in lithium niobate nanophotonics which may lead to photonic advantage. (Advisor: Alireza Marandi)

For more information, please contact Ryoto Sekine by email at [email protected].