SEC 13

Written Communication about Engineering and Applied Science to Non-Specialists

3 units (1-0-2)    |  Terms to be arranged
Engineers and applied scientists often work on highly technical, specialized projects. However, their work is often of interest to readers with varied areas and levels of technical expertise, including investors, community stakeholders, government regulators, consumers, voters, students, and enthusiasts. This course introduces students to diverse types of writing about technical engineering and applied science topics intended for these "non-specialist" readers who lack some or all of the technical knowledge the author has. Students will compose multiple texts written for different purposes and to different types of audiences outside of their area of expertise. This course is recommended for students who may plan entrepreneurial, non-profit, or government careers, where communication to non-specialists is crucial to success. It may also interest students who enjoy public advocacy or creative writing about technical topics. Fulfills the Institute scientific writing requirement. For Winter and Spring terms, seniors will be given priority; however this class is open to all students in EAS and GPS, and to students in other divisions as space allows.
Instructors: Burkett, Bickford