Andrew Stuart

Bren Professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Degrees and Appointments

B.S., University of Bristol, 1983; Ph.D., University of Oxford, 1986. Bren Professor, Caltech, 2016-.

Email: astuartSymbolatcaltech.edu

Tel: 626-395-4076

302 Annenberg IST Center MC 305-16 Pasadena, CA 91125


Linda Taddeo, ANB 343, 626-395-6704

Research Overview

Professor Stuart's research is focused on the development of mathematical and algorithmic frameworks for the seamless integration of models with data. He works in the Bayesian formulation of inverse problems, and in data assimilation for dynamical systems. Quantification of uncertainty plays a significant role in this work. Current applications of interest include a variety of problems in the geophysical sciences, and in graph-based learning.

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