How do we cut U.S. GWG emissions in half in ten years?

Caltech Energy 10 (CE10) brings together key leaders in engineering, science, industry and government to provide a wide audience with information, data, and inspiration on why and how to reach a 50% reduction in the emission of global warming gases (GWG) within the decade. The energy ecosystem is highly complex, technically and socially, and the path for meeting this goal remains ill-defined. The solution will require fundamental changes in electricity generation, transportation, and commercial, industrial, and residential energy consumption. Join us for a deep dive into what the foremost leaders in this sphere are thinking.

CE10 Public Program – A free series talks live-streamed on June 14 and 15, 2022.

Speakers included Steven Chu (former Secretary of Energy), Sally Benson (current Deputy Director for Energy, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy), Arati Prabhakar (former Director of DARPA), and other experts passionately interested in the path to GWG reduction on a compressed timescale – a timescale that is required for the profound societal and ecological transformation required to mitigate adverse climate change.