Special Medical Engineering Seminar

Thursday February 14, 2019 4:00 PM

Medicial Engineering Ph.D. Student presentations

Speaker: Jinglin Huang, Andrey Vyatskikh, Di Wu, Lealia Xiong, Medical Engineering, California Institute of Technology
Location: Annenberg 105

-Jinglin Huang: "Investigation of drug mixing profiles in the eye" (Gharib Lab https://www.gharib.caltech.edu/medical/)

-Andrey Vyatskikh: "Additive Manufacturing of Metals and Ceramics at the Micro and Nano-Scale" (Greer Lab http://www.jrgreer.caltech.edu/):

-Di Wu: "Acoustic manipulation of biomolecules and engineered cells" (Shapiro Lab http://shapirolab.caltech.edu/)

-Lealia Xiong: "Engineering and imaging living materials made from bacterial biofilms" (Kornfield Lab http://kornfield.caltech.edu/)

Series Medical Engineering Seminar Series

Contact: Christine Garske ccgarske@caltech.edu